Register with Disability Support Services

GW is committed to providing equal access for all students. That access is often facilitated through the implementation of formal disability accommodations. Students who seek academic accommodations and auxiliary aids in undergraduate and graduate courses ( online or in-person) must register with the Office of Disability Support Services.

Registration is a voluntary, confidential process and may occur at any time during the student's course of study. Registering with DSS can help ensure that your accommodations are appropriately and efficiently communicated to university faculty and other necessary parties, including GW Housing, Student Health, or other relevant parts of university operations. 

As advised by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the determination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations is a deliberative and collaborative process that is responsive to each individual's unique experience. The university has no legal obligation to provide any accommodations until you have established your eligibility with DSS. We recommend completing the eligibility process early in your academic career to avoid delays in accessing services.  If you have questions, you can contact DSS for guidance. 

Note: It takes at minimum 1-2 weeks to process registration requests.  Incomplete documentation or failure to schedule a registration meeting with a DSS staff member can delay the registration process.

Overview of the DSS Registration Process

Complete the following DSS registration steps in order:

Step 1. Complete a DSS Registration Form.

Any information or documentation you can readily share can be included or uploaded with the form. Review our documentation guidelines to learn what information is helpful to share.    

Step 2. Meet with a DSS Representative

After submitting the DSS Registration Form and supporting documentation, students will receive an email notification via their GW email account from DSS to schedule a meeting during the registration process. The registration meeting may take place via telephone, Zoom, or Webex. During the registration meeting, students can expect to discuss:

The information gathered during the registration meeting will be reviewed with the registration form and supporting documentation to determine eligibility for academic/housing accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services.

 Step 3. Receive and Review Eligibility of Accommodations Notification

Students will receive an electronic eligibility letter and email message via their GW email account containing the steps required to secure accommodations and auxiliary aids in their classes. The eligibility letter will include the student's approved accommodations and auxiliary aids and directions for requesting Letters to Professors( LTPs). Students can expect to receive the electronic eligibility letter within one to two weeks of submitting supporting documentation. Incomplete documentation or failure to schedule a registration meeting with a DSS staff member can delay the registration process.

Step 4. Request Letters to Professors or Connect with Your Program's Dean or Program Director

Once you have completed the registration process with DSS and received your eligibility letter, you are required to request digital Letters to Professors for each class you would like to use accommodations or auxiliary aids. Letters to Professors provide faculty with notice of the accommodations you are eligible to use in their classes. Professors are not obligated to meet your request for accommodations without receiving a copy of your Letters to Professors. Accommodations are not retroactive.

Some DSS students are required to contact their college or school's Dean or program director to finalize the implementation of accommodations and do not require Letters to Professors. DSS will notify students during their registration meeting and via their eligibility letter if they need to contact their program director instead of requesting Letters to Professors.

GW Law Students 

Upon notification of eligibility, you should contact the Law School Dean of Students Office to schedule a meeting to review DSS policies and procedures and to discuss the specifics of your accommodations plan.  You can contact the Dean of Students Office at 202-994-8320 or [email protected]

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