Accessing Your Notes

After you follow the process to request note-taking assistance, we will send emails to all of the students in the classes for which you have requested note-taking assistance and bcc you on all of them. 

These emails will indicate that an anonymous student has requested note-taking support through DSS and that we are requesting that a peer volunteer to provide this support.  By virtue of being bcc’d on the emails, you will have confirmation that we are initiating your accommodation.

Accessing Your Notes 

Once the appropriate amount of note takers have been confirmed, we will instruct them to upload their class notes to the DSS Note-Taker Database, which is where you can then access the notes.

Peer note takers are required to upload their notes on a weekly basis throughout the entire semester. All of these notes will be available to you through the conclusion of each semester’s final exam period.

Insufficient Notes 

We require that peer note takers submit clear, legible and detailed notes that can serve as effective study guides.  If you discover that your notes are not clear, or that they are brief and underdeveloped, please contact Elizabeth Queen to discuss your concerns in further detail.

Guidelines for Using Note-Taking Support

You are expected to make responsible and consistent use of this accommodation.  We expect that you will be reviewing your class notes consistently throughout each semester.

We cannot offer you alternate notes if you access the notes late in the semester and determine that they are not helpful to you.  Please contact Elizabeth Queen with any concerns about the quality of your peer notes in a timely manner during the semester.

We do not typically provide note-taking support for physical activity courses, labs, recitations, practicum courses or internships. If you are enrolled in one of these courses and have questions about your note-taking accommodation, please contact Elizabeth Queen and your professor.

Affiliated Staff

  • Elizabeth QueenElizabeth Queen Headshot

    Elizabeth Queen

    Liz is the primary coordinator for DSS's peer note-taking service. She also assists with DSS test proctoring on an as-needed basis.
  • Gary StoddardGary Stoddard, Administrative Supervisor Office Operations

    Gary Stoddard

    Gary manages all of the front desk operations. His kind, calm voice greets virtually everyone—students, parents, GW faculty, GW staff—who contacts DSS.