Alisa Major

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Associate Director Technology Access
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Alisa Major has been working in the field of assistive technology for nearly a decade.  In that time, she has applied her expertise to multiple contexts, ranging from implementing workplace accommodations, work in independent living, to higher education.

In her position at DSS, Alisa works directly with students to ensure they have the tools and accommodations needed  to interact with their curriculum. This includes training students on new assistive technology or in methods for accessing their materials in new formats.  Alisa also focuses on doing university-wide outreach to collaborate with schools and departments to create inclusive environments for students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Previously, Alisa worked at the Computer Electronic Accommodations Program (CAPTEC) in the Department of Defense, where she provided multiple types of workplace assessments and where she implemented a wide variety of assistive technologies. Alisa then moved onto the  Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) providing technical assistance, outreach, training, and assessment for individuals in the Northern part of Virginia. VATS focuses on independence for individuals in all parts of their lives, from birth to death. While working at VATS, Alisa received her Masters of Education-Assistive Technology from George Mason University.

Most recently, she was American University’s Assistive Technology Specialist, a position that found her working with students with disabilities in higher education. In this position, Alisa oversaw the conversion of materials, textbooks, and media to ensure equal curricular access for students.  In her time at AU, Alisa implemented a note-taking technology program that encouraged students to work with technology for note-taking support. While promoting technology, Alisa also did significant one-on-one training with students to make sure they were comfortable with the tools to increase their efficiency, time management, and organization.

Alisa is excited to bring this experience to the George Washington University community.


Alisa has M.Ed. in Assistive Technology and a BS in Vocational Rehabilitation with a concentration in rehab technology.