Cheryl Ringel

Cheryl Ringel, DSS Interpreter

Cheryl's broad range of studies led her to work with Harvard University studying pro- and anti- social development of behavior in Chicago neighborhoods; with the Department of Justice working on national crime victimization data; and eventually in the deaf community, first working with deaf teens as a Resident Education Advisor at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, and eventually working as an English/American Sign Language interpreter.

Cheryl serves as a staff English/ASL interpreter for DSS. She has worked in this capacity since 2006, interpreting graduate and undergraduate courses in programs ranging from an MBA within the Elliot School to an MFA in Photography, and everything in between.

Outside of DSS, Cheryl is a freelance interpreter in the DC area, but has worked internationally as well. Events in Turkey, Morocco, Qatar and Germany offered her opportunities to meet members of both the deaf and interpreting communities worldwide. Cheryl is especially involved with interpreting in the Muslim deaf community both locally and abroad.


Cheryl holds a BA in Psychology and Theatre Arts, an MS in Criminology and an MA in sign language interpretation from Gallaudet University.