Course Accessibility

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of teaching principles that makes course design, concepts and materials accessible to all students regardless of their learning styles and physical and sensory abilities. The application of UDL in the college classroom helps address the changing needs of today’s diverse and digital learning environment.

If you need assistance developing accessible courses or have questions, please contact us to set up an appointment.

If you need further support, please refer to our list of resources. There are many organizations that can offer guidance for designing and developing accessible courses.

Understanding UDL

Applying & Implementing UDL

WebAIM: Web Accessibility in Mind

WebAIM is a core resource that provides detailed information on accessible content creation.

Accessibility Assistance from Penn State

Penn State University’s AccessAbility website offers extensive information on making content of all kinds—visual, audio, and text—accessible for all students.

3Play Media's "10 Tips for Creating Accessible Course Content"

3Play Media offers straightforward guidance for making essential course content—basic documents, electronic presentations, and images—fully accessible for students.

Basic UDL Principles and Implementing Strategies

Offered by San Francisco State University, this training module provides a self-paced online tutorial that covers topics ranging from a basic introduction to UDL principles to strategies for implementing UDL in your classes.

Universal Course Design Tutorials

Equity and Excellence in Higher Education's tutorials cover curriculum accessibility, including audio, captioning, concept maps, Excel, learning styles, PDF documents, podcasts, PowerPoint, rubrics, Skype and video integration.

Blackboard's Accessibility Features

Review Blackboard’s accessibility feature information for an overview of how to design accessible course content specifically for use in the Blackboard interface.

Resources from the National Center on Universal Design for Learning

The National Center on Universal Design for Learning can help you learn the basics of UDL, connect with other educators and implement changes in your course materials.

Comprehensive Universal Design Resources for Learning Faculty

UDL-Universe offers resources, case studies and teaching tools for improving education for all students.  It can help you figure out small UDL issues or problems, as well as larger faculty development efforts, such as Faculty Learning Communities.