Gary Stoddard

Gary Stoddard, Administrative Supervisor Office Operations
Administrative Supervisor Office Operations
[email protected]

Gary manages all of the front desk operations. As a result, his kind, calm voice greets virtually everyone—students, parents, GW faculty, GW staff—who contacts DSS.

Gary brings to the office experience that is literally worldly. In 2003, Gary traveled to Ghana, where he worked as an instructor at Accra’s Governmental Secretarial School and at the Jack and Jill School. In those capacities, Gary taught computer science and web programming. This expertise has directly translated to Gary’s work at DSS, where he spearheaded the office’s website revision team, while also working to streamline interoffice databases and recordkeeping. Gary has also studied American Sign Language at GW.

Outside of his work at DSS, Gary has studied screenwriting and cinematography under Eric Lau of Solar Film/Video Productions. Though Gary does not have any aspirations to work in Hollywood, he is deeply interested in using film as a medium for storytelling, and he does hope to create his own films at some point in the not-too-distant future.