Note-Taking Assistance

DSS Note-Taking Assistance is a supplementary accommodation that provides support with in-class note-taking practices.          

If you have been approved for peer note-taking assistance, we ask that you distribute your letters to professors prior to initiating this accommodation at DSS. 

Many discussion-based courses and courses where class notes have been uploaded to Blackboard do not require students to keep extensive notes in the same way that large lecture classes might.

In the cases where professors have made notes available to students, or when certain classes more heavily favor a discussion model, the note-taking accommodation can be overridden by the curricular support already built into those classes.  In all cases, speak with each of your professors about their expectations to learn how to implement your accommodations. 

Requesting Assistance 

Once you have spoken to your professors and have determined the classes that will require peer note-taking support, please complete a Note-Taker Request Form for each class.  If you have additional questions or comments, please contact Elizabeth Queen.

All Note-Taker Request Forms should be completed and submitted to DSS by the conclusion of the third week of classes. You will need to complete the forms at the start of every semester.

It is rare that students do not volunteer to offer note-taking support to their peers.  However, if we cannot secure a note taker for you, we will happily explore other options as a substitute for this accommodation with you and your professor.

Late Requests

We recognize that in some instances—mid-semester registration with DSS, late adjustments to course schedules—you will not be able to initiate your note-taking accommodations until after the third week of classes. 

Since this accommodation requires coordination with faculty and other GW students, we cannot guarantee that the note-taking accommodation will be available beyond the third week of the semester. However, we will always make every effort to initiate this accommodation when appropriate. 

We will work to ensure that in cases where this accommodation will not be available beyond the third week of classes, you may have access to other assistive technologies as immediate substitutes for note-taking assistance.  These substitutes will be implemented on a case-by-case basis.