GW is committed to providing equal access for all students. That access is often facilitated through the implementation of formal disability accommodations. Students who seek academic accommodations and auxiliary aids in undergraduate and graduate courses must register with the Office of Disability Support Services.

Registration is a voluntary, confidential process and may occur at any time during the student's course of study. Registering with DSS can help ensure that your accommodations are appropriately and efficiently communicated to university faculty and other necessary parties, including GW Housing, Student Health, or other relevant parts of university operations. Note: It takes at minimum 1-2 weeks to process registration requests.

Registration Deadline for Academic Accommodations

April 15, 2021 BY 11:59 PM EDT

  • Requests for accommodations and auxiliary aids submitted after this date will be processed, with academic accommodations available for access beginning
    • Summer 2021
    • Fall 2021

Complete the following DSS registration steps in order:

1. Complete a Registration Form. This step helps us get the process started so that we can identify appropriate accommodations for the semester.

2. Document Your Disability. This step focuses on providing us with diagnostic documentation about your disability.

3. Request a Digital Letter to Professors. This step ensures that your professors are properly informed about the accommodations for which you have been deemed eligible by DSS.



Upcoming Registration Deadlines

Past Registration Deadlines