Request a Digital Letter to Professors

Complete this form to request a digital letter to professor for the current semester. You may only complete this form if you are registered with Disability Support Services and have been deemed eligible for academic disability accommodations.

We will email, to your GW email address, your digital PDF-formatted letter, which you can choose to forward directly to your professors or print-out to share during office hours.  You must request an updated digital letter each semester to present to your professors. You are not to use any letters provided from previous semesters.

Remember that it is your responsibility to "schedule a conversation" with each of your professors—either during office hours or at any other convenient time—to discuss the accommodations for which you have been deemed eligible.  Your professors are not under any obligation to meet a request for accommodations without first receiving your letter from DSS.  Please note that you are not required to disclose the specific diagnosis of disability that makes you eligible for an accommodation.

Notice for GW Law Students

If you are a Law student, please review your specific instructions for DSS registration for guidance about disability disclosure.  You should not complete this form. 

Letter to Professor Request Form

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Requests made after the spring, summer or fall deadline will not be granted. Please contact us if you have questions about your request.
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To help us process your Letters to Professors request in a timely fashion, we require you to indicate the exact date on which your semester classes begin.  For assistance in identifying that date, you should consult the GW Schedule of Classes (students in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences should consult those academic calendars).

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