About Us

Disability Support Services (DSS) at GW recognizes disability in the context of diversity.  Established in 1978, we work collaboratively with students, faculty and staff across the campus to foster a climate of universal academic excellence, while also promoting disability culture and GW’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We aim to create an inclusive environment that challenges notions of normality and that influences scholarship across all disciplines.

Each DSS staff member brings a unique, specialized set of skills to the office and, by extension, to our student population.

From The GW Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is crucial to an educational institution's pursuit of excellence in learning, research, and service. In pursuit of those goals, a population of students, faculty, and staff with differing perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and needs can lead to a richer mix of ideas, energizing and enlightening debates, deeper commitments, and a host of educational, civic, and work outcomes.

Leveraging diversity is rarely achieved by accident. As individuals and as an institution, we must intentionally act to create the diverse and inclusive community that enables everyone to flourish. All members and units of the George Washington University community must advance the institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority.

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