Housing Accessibility

Residential living is central to the learning environment for many GW students. Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) offers a wide variety of residence hall options, and most students secure desired assignments through the standard housing selection process.

However, students with specific disability-related needs may request housing accommodations.

How to Apply for Reasonable Housing Accommodations

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Read the Informational Packet for Requesting Reasonable Housing Accommodations.
  2. Complete the DSS Registration Form. Students wishing to participate in the generally applicable housing assignment process must submit by the request deadline.    
  3. A treating clinician should complete the Disability Verification Form
  4. Submit the completed forms and supporting documentation through your initial application or via the additional documentation portal.

Deadlines for Housing Requests

In order to allow the appropriate amount of time for the review of disability documentation, we require that you submit your housing request prior to CLRE’s deadlines. You can submit your requests by email ([email protected]), fax, or in hardcopy form when visiting the office.

Process for Approving Housing Requests

Your request will proceed through a collaborative review process. Throughout this process, DSS will make every effort to respect the confidentiality of your disability status.

Once a decision has been reached, DSS will notify you of the outcome. If you meet the eligibility requirements, DSS will provide Campus Living and Residential Education with a written confirmation of the specific accommodation. CLRE will then determine your room assignment and will notify you of it directly.

Duration of Housing Accommodations

Once you have been deemed eligible for a disability housing accommodation, and as long as your needs remain the same, Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) will make every effort to accommodate you in a similar manner for your remaining years in residence.

Variable or changing disability conditions may periodically require updated or supplemental documentation.

Given the limited availability of certain housing configurations, you may apply for an exemption from GW’s residency requirement if an appropriate housing accommodation cannot be made on campus.

Assistance Animal Requests

Please consult our Assistance Animal Guidelines for information about furnishing a request for an assistance animal.