Test Proctoring Services

For students who have testing-related accommodations, we encourage you to take your exams with your professors so that you can be made aware of last-minute exam changes and clarifications, and so that you have the opportunity to ask questions of your professors. However, we recognize that the complexities of class scheduling and space constraints do not always make this possible. In cases where your professors are unable to provide your accommodations, we will work with you and your professors to coordinate the appropriate accommodations. Below includes information about when and where test proctoring is conducted with our office and important details related to regular requests versus finals week requests.

Hours and Location

During the semester, we conduct test proctoring during the following days and times:

Regular Test Proctoring Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm

Location: Rome Hall, Suite 102 (unless dictated otherwise)

If your class/exam is originally scheduled outside of our office hours (ex. evening and weekend courses), the requested date and time will need to be adjusted in order to confirm test proctoring. 

The only exception of our regular hours is during Finals Week; for finals, we extend our test proctoring hours as well as implement multiple locations, so if you do request test proctoring for finals, please read carefully any and all confirmation emails and notifications related to your time and location.

Finals Week Test Proctoring Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 6:30pm

Locations: Will Vary

Deadline for Test Proctoring Requests

In order to ensure that we have sufficient time to coordinate your exam accommodations, you must submit your test proctoring service requests no later than seven days in advance of each exam date.

One easy way to plan for this deadline is to review the syllabus for each of your classes at the end of every month, and at that time, submit all of your exam requests for the following month.  

Since professors are commonly forced to reschedule exams—due to inclement weather cancellations or unforeseen syllabus adjustments—please do not submit all of your exam requests at the beginning of the semester, because those exam dates could change as the semester progresses.

Final Exam Accommodations 


DSS coordinates nearly two thousand student exams during each semester’s final exam period. Therefore, we implore students to submit their test proctoring requests as soon as possible with ample time before the exam dates in case of last-minute changes. Please note that the seven-day rule still applies and the online request form will NOT work if you try to submit less than seven days out and you'll have to email [email protected], but we recommend you submit your requests for final exams as soon as you know the date and time to avoid issues.

University policy regarding final exam conflicts states that one final exam may be rescheduled if a student has three or more final exams scheduled on the same day. Please make sure that you discuss with your professors beforehand about approval for alternative dates and times.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event that the university is closed due to inclement weather, and this closing affects your exam arrangements, please contact [email protected] to reschedule your exams.  We require a minimum of 48 hours to implement these arrangements.

To stay informed regarding inclement weather or other university updates, you can always check the Campus Advisories page for the most up-to-date information and sign up for GW Alerts.

Prepare for Your Exams 

After you have submitted a request for test proctoring, please review our guidelines to ensure that you arrive on time and follow all necessary policies.