LD and ADHD Consultations

If you’re currently enrolled as a GW student and suspect that you have an undiagnosed learning disability or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) please contact Leila Kramer, Learning Specialist, to schedule a consultation. Consultations typically last an hour.

During your session, Leila will conduct an in-depth interview that will ask you to discuss your past academic history, current academic difficulties (if any), and your academic strengths.

Leila will also discuss study and time management strategies that might be helpful to you. Finally, she will discuss the possibility that your current academic performance is being affected by an undiagnosed learning disability or ADHD.

As appropriate, Leila will recommend private community resources that can offer formal diagnostic evaluations. These resources are not affiliated with the George Washington University, so you will be required to pay the fees associated with them.