Presentation Request Form

If you are a GW affiliate and would like to request a Speakers Bureau presentation, please complete and submit this form.

We ask that you submit your requests a minimum of 7-10 days in advance of your event.

Once your request has been processed, Anna Hartge will confirm your presentation arrangements via email.

Requester Information

Please enter your GW email address. For example,,,, etc.
Please include all digits, including area code, and, if appropriate, country code.
Please include all digits, including area code and, if appropriate, country code.

Presentation Information

As applicable, please indicate if the presentation will occupy a small portion of a larger event.
Please include the building name, room designation, and street address.
Offer a brief description of the desired presentation, indicating estimated attendance; event format (lecture, roundtable discussion, panel presentation, campus tour, etc.); seating arrangement (if any); and a brief overview of disability topics that you would like covered.
On average, presentations consist of 2-4 speakers.