Exam Preparation Guidelines


After your test proctoring request has been approved, please follow our guidelines in preparation for your exam:

Proceed to Your Testing Location

  • DSS assigns testing rooms based on your specific accommodation plan and the overall availability of testing space. In most situations, test proctoring is done in our main office at Rome Hall, Suite 102 unless otherwise notified.
  • During busy periods such as Midterms/Finals Week, we utilize multiple locations on campus in order to accommodate for the number of students and test proctoring requests received. It's important during those times that you please read carefully any and all communication related to your test proctoring to avoid mixups or going to the wrong location.

Arrive on Time for Your Exam

  • We recommend students arrive to their testing location about ten minutes before the scheduled start time for their exam/s but no later than the start time itself. You should conduct yourself just as you would if you were arriving to your classroom to take the exam.
  • As it is with your professor, we will not offer extra time if you arrives late to an exam; in order to ensure exam integrity, we will not proctor the exam if you arrive more than twenty minutes late.

Take Extra Care and Arrive Early During Midterms and Finals

  • For Midterms and Finals, all students who complete their request forms will receive communication closer to their testing period about where they will need to go to take their exam. As stated before, we utilize multiple locations on campus including Gelman Library, the University Student Center, etc. and we cannot guarantee students any specific locations for their exams due to the extensive number of requests and advanced planning required for these testing periods.
  • Students should check their emails and contact the proctoring team at [email protected] and/or their professor if they have questions or issues regarding a midterm or final. Please do not wait right before your scheduled exam to address conflicts if it can be helped.
  • Once you have a confirmed time, date and location, please do the best to arrive fifteen minutes early to your location on the day of the exam. We will have proctors on standby who will be checking in many students, so arriving early will help them and ensure you can start your exam on time.

No Backpacks or Cell Phones

  • You are not allowed to bring cell phones or backpacks into our testing spaces; we have assigned areas for you to leave your personal belongings under careful watch while you take your exam.
  • As necessary, you may use a calculator or laptop computer if your professor/s approves these devices or if your specific accommodation plan allows for them. Approval of such devices should be notated in the test proctoring request form so that the DSS team has written confirmation of it.

Follow the Code of Academic Integrity

  • We expect you to adhere to the GW Code of Academic Integrity. We will report any instances of academic dishonesty to your professor and to the Office of Academic Integrity; academic dishonesty may result in the loss of access to DSS test proctoring services.
  • Please respect our testing spaces: We ask that you do not leave trash, scrap paper or any other litter in the room once you have completed your exam. Similarly, please refrain from scribbling on our desks and walls or otherwise damaging our testing rooms.