Exam Preparation Guidelines

After your test proctoring request has been approved, please follow our guidelines in preparation for your exam.

Testing Locations

DSS assigns testing rooms based on your specific accommodation plan and the overall availability of testing space. We do not guarantee specific testing locations.

Arrive on Time

You should arrive to the DSS office at the scheduled start time for your exam, just as you would if you were arriving to your classroom to take the exam.  

We will not offer you extra time if you arrive late to your exam. In order to ensure exam integrity, we will not proctor your exam if you arrive to DSS more than twenty minutes late.  

Arrive Early During Finals and Midterms

Finals and midterms are our busiest times, so please arrive to DSS no later than fifteen minutes before the start of your exam. At that time, we will inform you of your precise exam location, and you will have at least fifteen minutes to travel there.

No Backpacks or Cell Phones

You are not allowed to bring cell phones or backpacks into our testing spaces. As necessary, you may use a calculator or laptop computer if your professors have approved these devices or if your specific accommodation plan allows for them.

Follow the Code of Academic Integrity

We expect you to adhere to the GW Code of Academic Integrity.  We will report any instances of academic dishonesty to your professor and to the Office of Academic Integrity. Academic dishonesty may result in the loss of access to DSS test proctoring services.

Please respect our testing spaces. We ask that you do not leave trash, scrap paper or any other litter in the room once you have completed your exam. Similarly, please refrain from scribbling on our desks and walls or otherwise damaging our testing rooms.