Faculty and Instructor Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty and instructors are critical partners to Disability Support Services (DSS) in ensuring curricular access. In addition to in-class experiences, we consider accessibility for: exams/learning assessments, field trips, labs, internships/practicums, and all related activities. As a member of the faculty of George Washington University, you are responsible for:

  1. Implementing reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  2. Maintaining confidentiality
  3. Knowing the essential components of your course to inform a fundamental alteration assessment when necessary
  4. Consider alternate instructional and evaluation formats if some tools are not accessible
  5. Always recommend, rather than require using web-based tools that might not be accessible
  6. Maintaining the rigor and the fundamental nature of course content
  7. Requiring students to demonstrate knowledge of essential course content
  8. Determining the equivalent substitutions for course components when barriers occur
  9. Including the approved Accessibility  Statement in the course syllabus

Remember, you may not:

  1. Deny an approved accommodation without discussion with Disability Support Services
  2. Share information about a student's accommodation with other students
  3. Ask a student to identify their disability
  4. Require students to submit accommodation letters by a specific deadline(e.g., at the beginning of the semester). Please Note: Students should alert faculty of testing accommodations at least seven days prior to an exam.