Faculty Support

These resources are meant to help university faculty create inclusive, fully accessible course curricula.   

You are always encouraged to contact us if you have questions about accessible course design.

DSS Accommodations

As a faculty member you are not under any obligation to provide a student with accommodations without verification from DSS that the student has registered with us and has a documented disability.

Students who have registered with us will provide a digital letter to you that describes the accommodations they are eligible to receive for the semester. Students are expected to provide you with their digital letter at the beginning of the semester and are asked to work with you to implement their accommodations.

Syllabus Statement

Please include this statement as part of your course syllabi:

Any student who may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) to inquire about the documentation necessary to establish eligibility, and to coordinate a plan of reasonable and appropriate accommodations.  DSS is located in Rome Hall, Suite 102. For additional information, please call DSS at 202-994-8250, or consult https://disabilitysupport.gwu.edu.

If you need assistance designing and developing an accessible syllabus, please refer to Equity and Excellence in Higher Education’s tips for applying universal course design strategies to your syllabus.

Respectful Disability Language

The appropriate use of language is crucial for establishing an inclusive, democratic classroom environment that equally respects all students.  If you need guidance, please refer to:

Course Accessibility Resources

Instructional Core

The Instructional Core for Advocacy, Research, and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (ICare) of GW Libraries and Academic Innovation (GW LAI) is the central university hub for faculty development, online course design, digital fluency, and instructional technology.

Closed Captioning of Media

A variety of guides and support materials for ensuring multimedia accessibility for all students

Interpreter Services Etiquette

Essential classroom management considerations when working with ASL interpreters

Test Accommodations Guidance

Instructions for facilitating the extended time on exams accommodation with your students 

Universal Design Resources

Instructional materials for developing universally accessible courses and assignments 

Register with DSS