Test Proctoring Request Process

***Fall 2020 Online Test Proctoring***

Students & Faculty: Do to the current COVID conditions, DSS is only providing virtual proctoring in specific instances. We are however here to support you.  In many circumstances, using Blackboard’s extended time function fully accommodates a student's need for additional time. For some students, merely extending the time for a scheduled exam may not fully support the accommodations need. (i.e., Extension may cause them to miss their next class or exam.) In these circumstances, the student and faculty member should still be having conversations about the best way to administer extended time for exams. This could mean that there is an adjustment to the start time, end time or date the exam is taken. 


In an effort to support students and the faculty, we have come up with three options for providing extended time. 


Option 1: You can use Blackboard for your exams with or without a lockdown browser. We understand many of you are already using this option. Please make sure to discuss with the student the approved start/end times and date of the exam and make the necessary adjustments in Blackboard.  (DSS always needed faculty approval for those adjustments; this should be no different.)


Option 2: You can provide an open note/open book exam by proctoring the students via a web-based meeting platform such as Zoom/Webex live. (simulating the face to face experience) 

Reach out to DSS with a list of students needing extended time for your exam. DSS will reach out to students to determine the logistics of how to provide the extended time should you be unable to provide it. 

DSS will coordinate with the Faculty member and student to determine the start date and time for the exam. DSS will then:

Join your Webex/Zoom room with the rest of the class and take over proctoring for the students needing the extended time. The DSS proctor would stay in the room until all students have completed the exam. This allows the students to be able to ask questions along with their peers during the start of the exam. 

Should the students need to take the exam on a different day or start earlier than the rest of the class, DSS proctors can proctor the exam in a web-based platform (Zoom/Webex) in which they would provide the student the link to that room. It is important to let DSS know how we can best reach you should a student have a question during the exam.


Option 3: Your exam falls outside of these two options please contact [email protected] to discuss your unique needs. 


** It is important to note that many students already take exams with DSS accommodations (in an in person-environment) in the same room as their peers, unless they have private space which at this time we would not be providing, due to the remote environment. We are doing our best to ensure the confidentiality of the student's needs while providing an equitable testing experience. 

In order to offer DSS and your professors the appropriate amount of time to coordinate your exam accommodations, you must submit your test proctoring requests no later than seven days in advance of the exam date.

Steps to Submit Your Requests

1. Log in to the Test Proctoring Form with your GW NetID and password.

2. Check to make sure your name and email are entered correctly. Fill in the required fields, including information about yourself, your professor and your exam.

Course Information

3. When indicating the start and end time under the "Course Information" category, please include the times for the class as listed on the university schedule.

Test Information

4. The "Test Information" section requires you to indicate when you will sit for your exam at DSS.  The start time for your exam should match the start time for the class in question, and the test date should fall on a day when your class meets.

In rare cases, your test information will not directly correspond with the course information.  The two instances in which we will allow for this discrepancy are if you:

  • must begin an exam early to avoid creating an extended time conflict with another class (or another exam)
  • must begin your exam early so that it concludes during the DSS test proctoring hours (Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Accommodations Required

5. Under "Accommodations Required," check only the accommodations for which you have been approved. We will cross check your requests for accommodations with our records.  Requests for unapproved accommodations could result in loss of access to DSS test proctoring services, academic integrity charges, or both.

Note to Professor

6. We highly recommend completing the "Note to Professor" field as a general courtesy and as a reminder of your DSS registration.  This field is also the place where you can remind your professor to notify us of any unique exam instructions (e.g. notes are allowed, a calculator is allowed, exam is open book, etc.). 

Letters to Professors

7. The required checkbox at the bottom of the form certifies that you have distributed your Letters to Professors packet and that you have discussed with your professors your approved accommodations and a plan for activating those accommodations in each of your classes. It also certifies your compliance with GW’s Code of Academic Integrity.

Submitting Your Request

8. Choose "Submit Request" to proceed to a review screen that will list all of the details that you have entered. Double-check all of the information for accuracy.  Choose "Edit Test Proctoring Request" to make any changes. 

9. Once you have verified your exam details on the review screen, choose "Submit Test Proctoring Request" to complete this process. 

10. Email confirmations are sent promptly to your GW email address after requests are made.  Please save and print a copy of this confirmation for your records.  Your professor will also receive an email notification of your request and will either approve or deny the request, or possibly alter it (e.g. approve the use of a calculator) to make it more precise.

You will receive an email if your request is approved, denied or altered. Contact your professor if you have any questions or concerns about your test proctoring request.

Actions to Take if Seven-Day Request Deadline is Missed

We recognize that mistakes and miscalculations are inevitable, but we must adhere to a consistent, smooth scheduling process for the benefit of all the students and professors who coordinate exams with our office.  

If you forget to submit a test proctoring request by the seven-day deadline, send an email to [email protected] that indicates:

  • the reason your request is late
  • identifying information for you, the course, and the professor

We will make decisions about any exceptions to the seven-day deadline on a case-by-case basis.


DSS Test Proctoring Hours

Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.